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Is a reliable, quality product that offers value for money. SABAT Batteries remains one of the best known and loyally supported automotive component brands

If many of the newer vehicle applications demand a lot from a battery and the SABAT range provides an answer to these demands, boasting cutting edge battery and manufacturing technologies, then surely this will be more than adequate for you ageing vehicle.

Get to know the code for your vehicle. It can get very confusing as to which battery code is correct for your vehicle (646, 621, 628, 622, 647, 652, etc) Each battery serves a specific purpose in your vehicle. Depending on your electrical consumption your vehicle consumes, ie radio, airconditioner, fan, accessories. If you have fitted an amplifier to run external speakers you probably need a stronger battery. Most of the older cars will invariably come with more sound or accessories (tom tom’s, garmins, video players, aftermarket electric windows and electric seats) than when the car came out of the factory with. Therefore let the experts choose the right battery for your car.

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