Bosch C3 battery charger

In stock now and available from A.S.A.P Motors!

The Bosch C3 battery chargers make charging depleted car batteries quick and easy.


This compact battery charger:

  • is ideal to take with you on road trips
  • is safe to leave on if your vehicle is not in use whilst you are away on holiday
  • a good choice to maintain the charge of your motorcycle, convertible or motorboat batteries while they are not in regular use
  • it will maintain the battery in perfect health whilst charging
  • new functions make it more user-friendly
  • suitable for all types of lead-acid battery
  • new memory function saves last-used settings

The Bosch C3 battery chargers won the “Red Dot Design Award” in 2011 for their simple, ergonomic operation and great industrial design. Now Bosch has simplified the operation of both charging units even further with the addition of a memory function and a two-piece charging cable that features a plug-in interface.

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Bosch C3 Battery charger

Price: R1025 incl Vat  

Bosch Battery charger C3 cable harness –

(for your convenience of being able to connect it to more than one application eg: speed boat, motor bike extra)

Price: R207.58 incl Vat